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Doh Play
Doh Play
Doh Play
Doh Play

Doh Play

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Who doesn’t love rolling play-doh into a ball and squishing it with your fingers?

Doh Play helps to develop:

🌟 strength in little fingers and hands

🌟 imaginative play

🌟 relaxation

Doh play is so popular with young children because it so inviting with its soft, squishy texture, it's relaxing and therapeutic! All this manipulation also strengthens small hand muscles and tendons.

Doh Play also provides an avenue for creative and imaginative play. For children, this is an important part of experimenting and learning about the world around them.

Use the game cards provided to make and create a funny face or a space alien. Perhaps your child is happy to just make their own creations?

Doh Play comes in a beautiful cotton zipper pouch for easy play and pack up. It fits perfectly in your handbag which makes it a great activity to keep the kids ‘beesy’ when you are on the go.

This game contains:

  • 3 tubs of dough
  • 4 dough mats
  • Dough tool
  • Instruction Card
  • Zip Pouch
  • Small paddle-pop sticks

We hope that you enjoy this great activity and don’t forget to tag us in your Doh Play sessions @beesybags

Warning: This game does contain some small parts. Adult supervision is required.