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Crazy Straws
Crazy Straws
Crazy Straws
Crazy Straws
Crazy Straws
Crazy Straws

Crazy Straws

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This gem of a game is actually TWO GAMES IN ONE. It is a fantastic resource for developing and strengthening fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination for little ones.

Patterns are things (objects, colours, shapes) that repeat over and over. Pattern play helps young children to develop important mathematical concepts such as:

🌻 sorting and classifying objects

🌻 planning and predicting

🌻 increase language skills

This game comes with 4 caterpillar pattern cards and 20 felt coloured circles. Children are encouraged to copy the colour patterns on the cards or even see if they can create their own.

Thread the colourful felt circles onto the crazy straws ensuring to push them through all the loop to loops.

The term 'fine motor' literally means small muscles. When we talk about 'developing fine motor skills in children' we mean strengthening the small muscles in children's hands, fingers & even arms!

This activity is fantastic for:

🌻 fine motor manipulation

🌻 fine motor strength

🌻 persistence and concentration

Once threading through the loops has been mastered children copy a caterpillar pattern or can create their own colour patterns on their crazy straws!

When all is said and done there’s nothing better than slurping up a cool drink through your crazy straw, blowing bubbles is a HUGE hit too!

Crazy Straws comes in a beautiful cotton zipper pouch for easy play and pack up. It fits perfectly in your handbag which makes it a great activity to keep the kids ‘beesy’ when you are on the go.

We hope that you enjoy this great activity and don’t forget to tag us in your Crazy Straw adventures @beesybags

Warning: Felt circles can be a choking hazard. Adult supervision is required.