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Develop a love for literacy with this great alphabet game!

Would you like your child to start learning about letters and sounds but are not sure where to start?

Early literacy development begins at home and can be as simple as reading stories, playing games and communicating with your child. As children get older, they naturally start to explore and make connections between letters on a page and spoken sounds.

Alphamat is an early literacy game that acts as a guide to encourage this natural exploration as well as start to build important literacy skills that will help your child begin reading and writing.

Your child will learn to:

✏️ recognise and identify letters

✏️ listen to and identify the beginning sounds in words

✏️ match upper and lower case letters

✏️ write letters using the correct formation

This game is suited for pre-schooler age (4+) or school-age children who would benefit from some sound and letter revision.

Alphamat comes in a beautiful cotton zipper pouch for easy play and pack up. 

This game contains:

• 1 double-sided Alphamat
• 26 wooden letters
• Texta with eraser
• Instruction card

We hope that you enjoy this great activity and don’t forget to tag us on social media in your Alphamat alphabet lessons #beesybags

Warning: This game does contain some small parts. Adult supervision is required.