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The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever - Dawn Casey

Not your typical Easter story!

One morning, a little grey bunny 🐰 sniffs the air with excitement, ready to start his quest of finding a special egg on Easter Day. There are many beautiful eggs to find, stripey ones, spotty ones, bright and colourful ones. 🌈

Before long, the hunt begins and along the way, bunny meets some of his garden friends who he helps out by assisting them in gathering the brightly wrapped easter eggs they have found.

On the journey for his own egg, bunny for a short time forgets his quest and gets caught up in the beauty of the day. ☀️ He collects some precious items such as feathers, spring flowers, sheep wool and green grass.

As the day goes on, little bunny starts to lose hope of ever finding a special Easter egg, that is, until he sits down by the duck pond and spots a rather plain egg hidden in the tall grass.

This egg was not bright, spotty, stripey, pink, blue or yellow and it did not look special, but it was warm!

Using his precious collected items, bunny makes a comfy nest and very soon discovers that this egg is the best and most wonderful Easter egg of all.


This time of the year it is so easy to get caught up in the chocolate hype! The magic of Easter can be lost in the competition of finding and, alas, eating the most eggs.

This story is a sweet reminder for children that there are more important things and that the wonder of life itself is present in new beginnings. 🐣

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