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Pasta Necklace

Being in isolation means a lot of the time we need to 'get creative' and use what we have lying around the house.

With lengthy postal delays, we thought that this year, a beautiful pasta necklace may be a more meaningful Mothers Day gift than a store-bought item!

So time to raid the pantry and have some threading fun.👌

FYI - threading also has many educational benefits such as strengthening fine motor skills, increasing hand-eye coordination and concentration skills as well as just being fun and therapeutic.

What you need:

⭐ Penne pasta

⭐ 4 x small snaplock bags

⭐ 4 x food dye

⭐ White vinegar

⭐ Elastic or string

⭐ Extra beads (optional)


1. Separate your Penne pasta into the 4 snaplock bags.

2. Squeeze 4-5 drops of food colouring into each bag.

3. Pour 1 tbs of white vinegar into each bag.

4. Shake the bag and smoosh the colour around, leave for 5-10mins.

5. Pour out the contents of each bag onto a towel and leave to dry.

6. Once the pasta is dry to touch, start threading! We stuck a toothpick to the end of our string to make threading easier.


7. Make a pattern with your coloured pasta. We also added wooden beads to jazz up our threading creation too.

🐝 A beautiful gift is a handmade one! 🐝

Don't forget to tag us in your Mothers Day creations #beesybags

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