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Ocean Sensory Play

Do you have a bub or toddler who just loves to get messy?

This ocean-themed sensory play is a great activity to do on a warm sunny day and is an absolute sensory sensation for little hands to squish and play!

Did you know your baby is a mini scientist? Babies are constantly exploring and testing, re-testing and drawing conclusions. They do this using their five senses to make sense of the world around them.

Sensory play has huge developmental benefits as it invites little ones to "go all-in" and explore with no limitations. As babies indulge their senses they get happy vibes because let's be honest, to a small child who is sensory-driven, it just feels so darn good!

Ocean Themed Play and Squish

You will need:

🐝 A large dish or deep tray (I used a lasagna dish) 

🐝 Deep bowl

🐝 Wooden spoon

🐝 Gelatin Powder

🐝 A selection of toys to explore. We used ocean themed bath toys (you could also use smaller toys for older children to pull out with tweezers)

🐝 Food colouring

🐝 Water


1. Because everything goes in the mouth with bubs, we gave the bath toys a really good scrub in a tub with diluted white vinegar and left them in the sun to dry.

2. In a large bowl dissolve the Gelatin powder into water and stir. 2 teaspoons of gelatin will set approximately 500ml of liquid. Add a touch of food colouring to add colour.

3. Pour the liquid into your deep tray or dish.Β 

4. Arrange your toys in the liquid and refrigerate.Β 

5. Once the gelatin has set you are ready to play and squish!

Note:Β This activity does get messy so best to be done in a nappy outside!

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