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Make Christmas Special with Homemade Ornaments

Love handmade gifts? 🤗

Why not make Christmas extra special this year by making some seaside home made Christmas ornaments? 🎄

These beautiful clay artworks make meaningful gifts for teachers, grandparents or friends and look gorgeous hanging on the tree.

My boy was super excited seeing his ornament hanging proudly on our Christmas tree. He points it out to all of our visitors! I also know that I’ll cherish that little ornament for years to come and remember how much fun we had making them together.

If you are able to head to the beach to collect shells for this activity it makes it all the more fun! We found a variety of shapes and colours and found that the small ones looked the best.

Want to give them a go? It’s easy I promise!

What you need: 

🐚 Air dry clay

🐚 Sea Shells

🐚 Cookie cutter or a glass

🐚 String, yarn, Christmas ribbon

🐚 Wooden beads

🐚 Baking tray

🐚 Baking paper

🐚 Sharp Knife or clay tool

🐚 Glitter (optional)


1. Roll out your clay using a rolling pin until you have a flat surface 1-2cm thick

2. Using your cookie cutter or glass cut your shapes from the clay

3. Decorate your shapes using the seashells you have collected

4. Make a hole using a sharp knife or clay tool close to the edge for ribbon to go through

5. Place your creations on a flat baking tray lined with baking paper

6. Leave for 48 hours to allow the clay to dry hard

7. Thread your ribbons and yarn through the hole in the clay, add beads

8. Proudly hang on your Christmas tree!

Like always we would love to see your beautiful Christmas Ornaments. Tag us in your creations on social media #beesybags

Merry Christmas xx

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