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Jellyfish Craft

FUN FACT: Jellyfish have no brain, heart, bones or eyes! 

Jellyfish are (although slightly terrifying) one of my favourite ocean creatures. Something about the texture, the way that they float and move with the ocean makes them mystifyingly intriguing.

Most children are drawn to them too. Ever tried to stop a child from poking a washed-up jellyfish on the beach? Not gonna happen. That jelly slippery slimy creature will be the talk of the beach. 

This craft is a great one to do with preschool-aged children. It has multiple steps and takes a little while to complete however the outcome is well worth it.

You will need:

🎨 Washable paint in your favourite colour

🎨 Paper bowl

🎨 Sticky Rhinestones coloured paper, stamp cutter (optional)

🎨 Craft Glue

🎨 Craft Raffia or ribbon (Kmart $3)

🎨 Toothpicks

🎨 Beads

🎨 Hole Punch


1. Using your favourite jellyfish colour paint both sides of the paper bowl and leave to dry. 

2. Using your coloured paper and shape cutters, cut some shapes and put aside. 

3. Once your painted bowl is dry, stick on your rhinestones and paper shapes.

4. Using a hole punch, punch holes around the outside of your bowl (parents help required)

5. Choose a piece of raffia and attach a toothpick to the end using sticky tape (this makes it easier for little fingers to manipulate).

6. Thread raffia through a hole on your bowl. Repeat for all holes. 

7. Thread your beads onto the raffia.

8. Finally, put a hole in the top of the bowl and thread a final piece of raffia through the centre hole to hang your jellyfish!

9. Voila! You now have a beautiful sparkling jellyfish to proudly hang! 

If you do decide to make this great craft don't forget to tag us on social media @beesybags.

I hope you enjoy x


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