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How I Love You - Anna Pignataro - Book Review

How I Love You is a short but oh so sweet story about the many different ways that we can show love to someone we care about. 

Follow along as each character, in turn, demonstrates love to their mummies' through different words and actions. Hugged, kissed, snuggled, nuzzled are just some of the ways the bush babies describe that big emotion we call love.

Accompanied by beautiful illustrations of our unique Australian wildlife, this book offers new words for your little one's vocabulary and expressive language. 

As I was reading this book with my little boy (3.5), he turned to me and said, "reading books together mum, that's how I show you I love you" (heart melted).

What better way to celebrate the month of LOVE than reading this beautiful Australian bush story with your little love.

We borrowed this book from our local library and highly recommend it!

Enjoy! 🥰

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