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Fidgety Fish - Ruth Galloway - Book Review

Fidgety Fish is an amusing story of a little fish named Tiddler who wriggled and squiggled, and had so much energy he was sent out of the house by his mum and told not to come back until he was tired (if only right!)

So Tiddler heads off into the big wide ocean with one very specific instruction, to watch out for the big fish. He happily swims along and meets a few friends along the way such as clickety clackity crab and the big red starfish. 

All is well and good until Tiddler comes across a big dark cave which looks very exciting and so he swims right on in. Only...... it wasn't a cave.

Tiddler had of course gotten into big trouble and swum himself right into the belly of a big fish!

With bright colourful illustrations and fun descriptive language your child with tremble, shiver and quiver along with Tiddler as he realises his fate, that is, before he is whooshed out of the big fish's belly with an enormous BURP!

A must-read for any child who loves the ocean and the creatures in the deep blue. 



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