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Egg Garden

Do you have an egg fan?

"What would you like for breakfast?" In our house, 90% of the time the answer is "eggs on toast!" 

The sunshine ☀️ is such a welcome pleasure during these tough times and when the weather is good, the best place to be is outside in the garden. 

Get the paints and green thumbs out this week and together make a beautiful egg herb garden.

You will need:

Egg carton

Eggshells (top removed, bottom half intact) 🥚

Paints 🎨

Paintbrush 🖌️



Water and sunshine 💦☀️


1. Paint your egg carton and leave to dry.

2. Paint you eggshells and leave to dry.

3. Arrange your eggshells into your egg carton.

4. Spoon the soil into the eggshells.

5. Plant your seeds and cover with soil.

6. We made some signs to go with our garden for added cuteness. My son dictated what he wanted to say. We laminated our signs and stuck it onto a toothpick.

7. Water your seeds and leave to grow 🌱

The best part about these eggy herbs is, once they grow bigger, you can plant the whole egg into your vegetable patch and watch them grow! 💕

Enjoy this fun activity and don't forget to tag us on social media #beesybags 🐝

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