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Crazy Rock Critters

These little bug friends are great company for the veggie garden and were super fun to make. A great afternoon activity to get the creative juices flowing.

Before we started creating our rock bugs we discussed the types of insects and critters that we have seen in our garden. My little one decided he wanted to make a family of spiders, but at the last minute added a friendly lady bug. 🐞

You will need:

🕷️Smooth rocks or pebbles

🕷️Coloured paints

🕷️Craft glue

🕷️Pipe cleaners

🕷️Google eyes

How to make:

1. Firstly decide which bug your little one would like to make. 

2. Paint the pebble adding spots and stripes where needed.

3. Cut any pipe cleaners to size and using your craft glue assemble the pipe cleaners to make wings, legs, antennae etc

5. Add google eyes

4. Once your paint and glue is dry it helps to put a layer of craft glue over your creation to seal the paint from the weather.

5. Find a new home for your crazy rock critter in the garden. 🌱

We would be thrilled to see your little bug rock critter creations chilling out in your garden. If you make these dont forget to tag us on social media #beesybags

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