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Bunny Hole in One

Do you have an energetic kid?

Get the whole family involved in this fun backyard activity. A great source of fun and giggles but be warned it can get competitive! 😂

What you need:

A large box 📦

Paint and paintbrush 🎨🖌️

2 long pieces of card (for bunny ears)

Craft construction paper (white, black, pink)

Scissors ✂️ or Stanley Knife

Kmart golf set or a bat and ball 🏏

Black marker

Packing tape

Glue Stick 


1. Choose a colour to paint your bunny box and then paint every side of your large box including the 2 long earpieces.

2. Using your black marker, draw ear shapes onto the 2 pieces of long card and cut out.

3. Cut and glue some pink paper inside your bunny ears. 

4. Using the packing tape stick your ears to the top of the box. Our ears kept flopping down so we reinforced them at the back with a bit of recycling!

5. Draw eye outlines on your construction paper and add pupils. Cut out and glue onto your box to begin your bunny face.

6. Draw a round shape on your pink paper, cut out and glue on your box for a bunny nose. 

7. Cut long strips of black construction paper to use for eyelashes and whiskers. Paste onto the box.

7. Using scissors or a Stanley knife cut a large mouth shape. This will need to be big enough for a ball to be hit through.

8. Using a mini golf set (Kmart) or simply a bat and ball (that's all we had) the aim of the game is to hit as many balls as you can into the bunny's open mouth!


A craft and gross motor activity in one, this is the perfect game to play over the Easter long weekend. 👌

Enjoy and don't forget to tag us in your fun on social media #beesbags

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