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Bug Hotel

My son is 4 and i find if i want to do an activity with him that will last a while, then construction is the key!

Construction play is fantastic for childrens' creativity and imagination. It allows them to play with trial and error and pushes them to problem solve. There is also so much important fine motor work as they place, manipulate, cut and stick items into place!

Every time we have an empty box in our house my son tells me he wants to make something with it. So the day we decided to create a bug hotel he was beyond excited!

What you will need:

­čÉ×Empty box

­čÉ×Toilet or paper towel rolls

­čÉ×Paint and paintbrush

­čÉ×Twigs, bark, leaves

­čÉ×Craft glue

­čÉ×Masking tape

How to make:

1. Firstly paint your box. We purposely chose greens and browns to make the box camouflaged in the environment and more inviting for our bug friends to move in. 

2. While the paint is drying head into the garden to collect some small twigs, leaves and bark. 

3. Once your paint is dry you may want to construct a roof for your hotel. We cut the flaps off the box to create a pitched roof. We also used one flap as a sign for our bug hotel.

4.  Glue your twig, bark and leaf collection onto the roof and sides of your bug hotel.

5. Using your toilet rolls insert them into your box to create little hiding holes for your bugs. A beer 6 pack box makes great little bug hideout rooms for inside your box. We also stuffed the toilet rolls and rooms with grass and weeds to make it extra comfy.

6. Now all you have to do is wait for the bugs to move in!

We would love to see your bug houses! If you give this one a try don't forget to tag us on social media #beesybags 

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