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Bliss Balls

Cocoa, chia seeds, nuts, soooo scrumptious!

These Bliss Balls may just make mum's day this Mothers Day. ♥️

This healthy snack is packed full of goodness and is lots of fun for little hands to squish and roll into balls. 

We packaged these Bliss Balls to be gift-worthy using these beautiful glass jars. Pinterest perfection right there I think! 😜

What you will need:

⭐ Glass jar (Kmart)

⭐ Gift tag

⭐ Jute string

⭐ Wooden letter tiles (Kmart)


🥥 1/4 cup Chia Seeds (Aldi has great priced Chia Seeds)

🥥 340g Dates - we used the Golden Palm Medjool Dates from Woolies

🥥 3 tbs cocoa

🥥 Pinch of salt

🥥 A good handful of flaked almonds

🥥 Shredded Coconut for rolling


1. Put all ingredients into the food processer

2. Wizz up for 2 minutes

3. Roll the sticky paste into balls (the fun part)

4. Roll each ball into the shredded coconut to coat the outside

(Balls can also be rolled in nuts. We used the seed Paleo Mix from Aldi)

Pair these treats with your homemade pasta necklace and you have a beautiful and special gift this ♥️ Mothers Day ♥️






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