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Autumn Layered Leaves

This beautiful artwork is quick, easy and oh so beautiful!

A great thing about this particular artwork is, each time you create it the results will be different!

What you will need:

🍂 A light coloured crayon (yellow, skin colour or white)

🍂 Crepe Paper (we chose green, orange and red for Autumn)

🍂 Art paper (watercolour paper is great but normal paper is fine)

🍂 Spray bottle with water or a glass of water with an eyedropper


1. Using your crayon draw a series of falling leaves onto your white paper.

2. Prepare your coloured crepe paper by cutting it into squares or rectangles. You will need enough squares to collage and cover the whole piece of paper. 

3. Collage your paper by layering the coloured crepe paper onto the white paper.


4. Using a spray bottle with water or a cup and eyedropper, spray the coloured crepe paper ensuring that you saturate the whole page. 

5. Leave wet for a few minutes.

6. Peel off the coloured crepe paper and see your crayon leaves appear with a beautiful coloured background.

A beautiful artwork that is frame-worthy! Enjoy 😊

If you try this at home don't forget to share with us and tag #beesybags 


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