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Autumn Baby Art

Want a fun painting experience without the mess? This little winner is a sensory experience that will have your baby engaged and amused!

For older babies, it is a wonderful activity to talk about colour mixing. For younger babies, it's just smooshie fun. 😝

You will need:

🎨 One A4 snap-lock bag

🎨 Craft paper

🎨 Sharpie

🎨 Poster paint - we used autumn colours


1. Using the sharpie draw a tree, filling up the whole page (yes marvel at my marvellous tree below.)

2. Squirt your paint on the leaves of the tree being careful not to squirt the blobs of paint too close together.

3. Insert your paper into the A4 plastic snap-lock bag and seal (use tape too if your worried.)

4. Place on a flat surface and let your little one go for it, smooshing the paint across the picture!

Babies first painting is now complete, and not one bit of paint consumed, winning!

If you try this at home don't forget to share with us and tag #beesybags 




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